BodyFIIT by Andrea Method ™, Owner of Seaside Gym

I am passionate about helping my clients transform their relationship with food and fitness.
They no longer need to deprive themselves of the food they love or be overwhelmed with what to do at the gym.
My clients want to feel sexy, young, and vibrant, whether in sweats or a ballgown.
As a coach and trainer, my clients’ success is my success.

Andrea Klas

My expertise developed over 20+ years

Certified Personal Trainer: BCRPA, CANFIT PRO

Certified Group Trainer: BCRPA

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist: Cory Holly Institute of Sport Nutrition

Health Coach Transformation

Lifestyle Coach Certified Schwinn

Cycling Coach

My story may be a bit like you

I am not genetically gifted, so I have to rely on discipline, determination, and commitment to keep fit and stay lean. I have had my ups and downs with weight gain and loss and tried many diet plans. They all failed. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that would work for me short term and the rest of my life. Everything fell short, leaving me feeling frustrated and discouraged. I realized that many of my friends and family were suffering from the same roller coaster ride. There just had to be a better way, so I set out on a lifetime journey to figure it out. And I am so proud to say that I have found what works for me, and now my clients can benefit from my method. 

My journey started as a child who suffered the ridicule of being “chubby.” At a young age, I knew that I had to do something or lead a life of overweight self-pity and frustration. I took up competitive figure skating at the age of ten and trained every day before and after school. The pounds fell off, and my self-confidence grew as my new body took shape. I entered the fitness and training world back in the ’80s, and I became one of the first Certified Aerobics Instructors in Edmonton. Every day, I taught 25-30 eager university students at 6 am. I got a workout myself, but I also gained a great sense of accomplishment, seeing others go from out of shape to fit. They glowed after each class with pride and sweat. I also developed a keen interest in weight training, not just because there were good looking boys at the gym, but also because it made me feel good. These years were foundational to my success and happiness as a competitive athlete, coach, and woman. 

Over time, I learned that as much as cardio and strength training is necessary, long-term results will be fleeting without a proper eating regimen. That set me on the path of learning everything I could about eating to be lean. It drove me to expand my athletic endeavours to bodybuilding, which like all the other competitive sports, requires discipline. However, this time it was all about food and eating. I hired a bodybuilding coach, listened, learned, and followed her advice. And Voilà! I put on muscle and transformed my body. I have never looked back.

Today, I spend my time raising three gorgeous boys with my handsome husband, Matt. I train my clients either at my Seaside Gym overlooking the ocean at Lions Bay, BC or online via virtual connections or attending my Facebook live classes. Rather than focus on attracting many clients, I prefer to work with a smaller group of clients to significantly impact their lives. You matter to me.

Andrea Klas

My journey to becoming an advocate and trainer

Competitive Figure Skating

12 Marathons, 15 Half Marathons

2 Half Iron-Mans, 4 Sprint Triathlons

10 Olympic Triathlons

10 Grand Fondo

3 Bodybuilding Competitions

2016: Road Cycling 3rd Woman in Banff Grand Fondo

2014: Road Cycling 7-day Trans Alp, 33/ 50 Team-Women, 1000 M/F Competitors

2016: Road Cycling 5-day Haute Route 8/30 Women, 500 M/ F Competitors

2018: Bodybuilding, Okanagan Fitness Festival 2nd, Gr.Masters Bikini Division