Video Training

Part of getting in shape is finding the time during your day to COMMIT TO YOUR BODY.
This can be a challenging transition, especially when life is often busy and unpredictable.

As part of the online training program with me, I provide resource-filled training videos, fitness tracking systems, and eat-clean meal plans to maintain a healthy balance in your life. That way, you can work out when you want, where you want, and be in COMPLETE control of your health and fitness, the BODYFIIT WAY!

Below are the breakdowns of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Programs that are each designed to elevate your fitness routine and macros management, while giving you the flexibility to fit them into a time that’s perfect for you.

Video Training Level 1

Designed for those starting out on their fitness journey, my Level 1 Online Strength & HIIT Workouts are the perfect introduction to the BODYFIIT WAY. It allows you to gain the information and confidence necessary for starting a life-changing journey. Here’s what’s included:

$29.99 per month 

Video Training Level 2

If you are looking for more that just a Strength & HIIT Workout; then this is perfect for you. I designed the Level 2 Program for those of you who want to see the progress of your fitness journey! You’ll be able to check-in, keep track, and be even more motivated to get BODYFIIT! Here’s what’s offered with Level 2:

$39.99 per month 

Video Training Level 3

Your fitness progress isn’t just about the exercise – it’s what you fuel your body with that boosts your results! With my Level 3 Strength & HIIT Workouts, you get all the benefits from Level 1 and Level 2, PLUS exclusive access to my Eat-Clean Meal Plan. In this meal plan, I help you build a strong food routine to ensure your body can recover after intense workouts while continuing to grow strong and lean. Level 3 includes:

$59.99 per month