I have helped men and women from all over Canada apply the BodyFIIT by Andrea’s method to their lives and watched them transform.

I hit menopause and it felt like my metabolism just came to a halt. I tried literally every diet, including KETO, Paleo, and Low Fat. I also worked out – a lot. I would lose weight, but it just came back the second I went back to anything normal. Andrea promised me that if I followed her Body FIIT by Andrea program that I could eat without feeling deprived or hungry. I could look lean, be fit, and be in great shape. I had nothing to lose and so I followed her program. It works! I feel great, my cravings are gone, I feel full and satisfied . I am building muscle and getting leaner by the week. Andrea has it figured out and I am grateful. I am committed to staying in the course for the rest of my life – because this is a life program not a fad. Thanks Andrea!
Karen Stewart
Andrea Klas is a fitness guru who motivates and inspires committed clients on the journey of transformation and change. I highly recommend Andrea’s food & fitness program that will tailor your goals to achieve real results and overcome obstacles. Andrea is exceptionally knowledgeable about nutrition and she is equally passionate about emphasizing form in her HIIT workouts. Through my experience, I am gaining a deeper understanding of macronutrients in meal planning and I am experiencing success with weight loss while defining features in my physique without depriving or overtraining. With Andrea’s support through coaching and programming, I am setting attainable goals and celebrating success. Thank You!”
Lana Kostiuk, Calgary